What's the Best Dehumidifier?

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Depending on your circumstances, it’s very possible no combination of fans and air conditioners will be able to save you from feeling like you’re drowning in your own home. You need a dehumidifier, but which one? Tell us in the comments.
» 5/26/15 2:12pm Tuesday 2:12pm

Most Popular Waffle Iron: Waring Pro Double Belgian

Voting was razor close, but the Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker took home the title of your favorite waffle iron. It was the only model of the five finalists that could cook two waffles at once, which is a huge plus if you’re preparing breakfast for a large group. » 5/15/15 2:05pm 5/15/15 2:05pm

What's The Best Waffle Iron?

You don’t need to be a Leslie Knope-level waffle aficionado to get a ton of use out of a good waffle iron. In fact, even if you never make a single waffle, you could still justify owning one just to cook hash browns, churros, mozzarella sticks, 90-second cookies, pre-packaged cinnamon rolls, and even crispy bacon. » 5/11/15 1:15pm 5/11/15 1:15pm

Most Popular Everyday Carry Knife: Kershaw Leek

A trusty, dependable knife can come in handy in any situation, whether it’s opening packages or an emergency. Of course, you have tons of options. Last week we asked you for your favorites, then pulled the top five everyday carry knives and put them to a vote. Now we’re back to highlight your favorite. » 4/28/15 8:25pm 4/28/15 8:25pm

Most Popular Ebook Reader: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Which ereader delivers the best reading experience, access to books, and bang for the buck isn’t a simple question. Last week we asked you for your favorites, then looked at the five best ebook readers. Now we’re back to tally up the votes and crown your favorite. » 4/21/15 8:32pm 4/21/15 8:32pm

Most Popular Outdoor Speakers: Klipsch AW-500

A little music in the backyard while you fire up the grill or have friends over doesn’t have to be a difficult—or terribly expensive proposition. Last week we asked you for your favorite ways to do it, then looked at the five best outdoor speakers based on those nominations. Now we’re back to crown… » 4/14/15 11:42pm 4/14/15 11:42pm

What's the Best Sports Bra?

It's finally not freezing, which is a great excuse to update your exercise attire. Sports bras are obviously one of the pieces of exercise clothing that actually make a difference, but which one you should you buy? Make your case in the comments. » 4/13/15 1:55pm 4/13/15 1:55pm