These Are Your Five Favorite Face Masks 

Face masks have quite a few naysayers, who pooh pooh their potency and dismiss them as a get-rich-quick scheme for bored beauty executives. And they’re right—to some degree. Face masks only work if they’re used consistently. When used correctly, face masks can bequeath the plumpness of a baby’s bottom onto your cold,… »11/11/15 3:00pm11/11/15 3:00pm

Your Favorite Meat Thermometer: Thermapen

Thermoworks’ iconic Thermapen smoked (and also baked, sautéed, braised, and seared) the competition with an overwhelming majority of recommendations during our nomination round, earning itself the coveted Kinja Co-Op title for meat thermometers. »11/11/15 2:41pm11/11/15 2:41pm

What Is Your Face Mask of Choice?

Winter, ‘tis the season of chapped lips and dry skin. Face masks, ostensibly just a way to moisturize your skin and keep the grim reaper at bay, are actually a highly intricate ritual involving cucumbers, Scandal reruns, and carafes of rosè. Whether you bow down before the altar of Korean skin imports, small-batch… »11/09/15 2:17pm11/09/15 2:17pm

Your Five Favorite Conditioners

A conditioner is the last line of defense against spilt-ends, a dry scalp, and fading color. Whether you bow before the altar of the sulfate-free co-wash or remain faithful to your local drugstore aisle, it’s likely that the conditioner you use is specific to your own hair needs and nothing short of a miracle. On… »11/04/15 1:00pm11/04/15 1:00pm

What's Your Favorite Conditioner?

It’s no secret that the perfect conditioner is the holy grail of female accomplishment. When found, it will imbue you with the wanton power of a modern day fertility goddess—swishy, silky, glossy. Or so legend goes. Now, we want to know what conditioner (and process!) you swear by. Here are some ground rules: Mark in… »11/02/15 2:00pm11/02/15 2:00pm

Your External Hard Drive Pick: Western Digital My Passport Ultra

It’s not as exciting when the frontrunner in the nominations round goes uncontested, but it’s certainly definitive. Western Digital’s My Passport Ultra, specifically the 2TB version, was the only external hard drive to receive significant support, after dominating the 2013 vote in the same category. »10/28/15 2:27pm10/28/15 2:27pm

Ladies' Choice: Your Favorite Razor For Every Occasion

After a heated debate on the merits of lady razors, a few have emerged victorious. Dollar Shave Club dominated with almost 50% of votes, but had some fervent naysayers. Luckily, our winners each fit smugly into one category: The mail order, the safety razor, the disposable, and the really disposable. Do read on and… »10/28/15 1:00pm10/28/15 1:00pm

Ladies, What Is Your Favorite Razor?

Let’s be clear. This Co-Op is intended for razors that ladies use, not for lady razors. It’s a well documented fact that the difference in quality between womyn-marketed shaving accoutrements and their male counterparts is negligible, but that the price difference is seismic. So, we just want to know what you use to… »10/26/15 1:00pm10/26/15 1:00pm