What's the Best Desk?

Lifehacker has built up an amazing archive of desk coverage over the years, along with reader votes on standing desks and desks for gaming. Yet somehow, there hasn’t been a vote on regular old desks, until now.http://lifehacker.com/five-best-stan...http://kotaku.com/five-best-desk... » 8/17/15 1:00pm 8/17/15 1:00pm

Most Popular Toaster Oven: Breville Smart Series

Breville’s series of smart toaster ovens broiled the competition with more than three times the votes of the next four nominees combined. Beautifully designed, intuitive to control, and with size options for every kitchen, it’s easy to see why.http://co-op.kinja.com/whats-the-best... » 8/05/15 1:00pm 8/05/15 1:00pm

What's the Best Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven will, in many cases, cook, defrost, or reheat your food better than a microwave, and more efficiently than a full-size oven. Items your microwave would have left soggy will come out crisp, and you’ll add far less heat to your home or apartment than you would have with a conventional oven. But which… » 8/03/15 1:00pm 8/03/15 1:00pm

Most Popular Blow Dryer: BaByliss

Your three blow dryer frontrunners blew away the competition, and with 50% of the vote, the BaBylissPro Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Dryer is your clear choice for best blow dryer.http://www.amazon.com/BaBylissPro-Po...http://co-op.kinja.com/three-best-blo... » 7/09/15 12:03pm 7/09/15 12:03pm

What's the Best Blow Dryer?

A better blow dryer can save you a ton of time, save you from going out or going to bed with wet hair, and also just dry your hair consistently, safely, more quietly, and with less electricity. Which blow dryer deserves to blast you with hot air on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments. » 6/29/15 1:30pm 6/29/15 1:30pm

What's the Best Flashlight?

Gizmodo rounded up the best LED flashlights back in 2012, and Indefinitely Wild has a great primer as well, but now it’s time to ask the audience. Whether you suffer frequent power outages, spend your time outdoors or in the garage, or just feel better having one around, a great flashlight is an essential tool. But… » 6/29/15 1:00pm 6/29/15 1:00pm

What's the Best Shower Caddy?

You may already feel like you’ve taken several showers today with the 1000% humidity situation in parts of the country, but you need another. What’s the best in-shower storage for your toiletries? Tell us in the comments. » 6/22/15 1:00pm 6/22/15 1:00pm

What's the Best Undershirt?

Last weeks deodorant vote revealed that many of you sweat like a [insert your jokes in the comments]. An undershirt can help protect your expensive clothes from the pit stains so many of you complained about, but which undershirt deserves to be so close to your heart? Tell us in the comments. » 6/15/15 1:00pm 6/15/15 1:00pm

What's the Best Dry Shampoo?

Thankfully, dry shampoo doesn’t make your hair fall out, and “continues to be the best hair product we’ve ever known.” But with so many cans competing for a spray on your scalp, which one is the best? Tell us in the comments. » 6/15/15 1:00pm 6/15/15 1:00pm

Most Popular Women's Deodorant, Antiperspirant, and Alternatives

The vote for best women’s deodorant was one of the closest we’ve ever had. Secret Clinical Strength has a winning 25% of the vote as of this writing, but we need to talk about non-antiperspirants and natural alternatives, so let’s get into it. » 6/12/15 2:53pm 6/12/15 2:53pm

Most Popular Men's Deodorant, Antiperspirant, and Alternatives

Old Spice carried the day in our best men’s deodorant vote, taking down 35% of the more than 12,000 votes as of this writing. We also need to talk about antiperspirants and natural alternatives, so let’s get into it. » 6/12/15 2:30pm 6/12/15 2:30pm