The Best Headphones

You've crowned the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s as your choice for best headphones, and that's no surprise.

Did you miss the voting? Go check out the contenders, all of which are great.

The M50s have become synonymous with great sound, great value, and also I'm wearing them as I write this. They were also the runner-up in Lifehacker's 2012 Best Headphone voting, and since then they've only gained proponents, and are the best-selling DJ headphones on Amazon.


Lifehacker: "...they do offer incredible audio quality for your money, a closed-back circumaural design that rests comfortably on your head for long periods, a collapsible design for portability and storage, and a sleek, modern design that isn't imposing but isn't ugly either. In other words, killer audio in a set of cans that don't scream 'steal me!'"

In Lifehacker's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Headphones, they award the M50s their mid-range slot.

Lifehacker: I'm including the closed-back ATH-M50 because it is a very strong favorite in this price range with our community at, known for solid overall performance at the price, with a tendency toward bass emphasis and sparkly treble. I see few headphones recommended as often by Head-Fi's members.

So they're the best, but are they worth it? Lifehacker can answer that question for you.



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