The Best TV Stand

The Best TV Stand

Living up to its name, the IKEA Besta is your choice for Best TV Stand. Given its affordability, customizability, and versatility, this is no surprise. [IKEA Besta]

IKEA also took first place in our Best Desk For Gaming and Best Gaming Chair For Your Desk votes, and we expect to see their stuff make deep runs in future contests.

The Best Desk For Gaming

Taking down as many votes as the other four nominees combined, the IKEA Galant is your choice for Best Gaming Desk. The Galant is deceptively simple… Read…

The Best Gaming Chair For Your Desk

Your votes have been counted and the IKEA Markus is your pick for Best Gaming Chair For Your Desk. At $200, the Markus is arguably the best value in… Read…

Three Best TV Stands

Three Best TV Stands

Last week we asked you which furniture you thought made the best home for your TV, and we got a ton of responses. We've combed through the stacks of options to find your most nominated, and outlined them below. Now it's time to vote by starring your favorite.

Note: We usually narrow down to five, or even six nominees. This time around most contenders were either tied with 50 others with one vote each, were no longer available, were DIY solutions, or never actually existed.

Kinja Co-Op is a new series where we collaborate with you to find the best products in a given category. We're taking Lifehacker's excellent Hive-Five formula and applying it to everything. We want your feedback, especially which product categories you want to see next.

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